Undertone is a proud member of the CBA, TAG, & IAB, and is committed to continuing to adhere to compliance & guidelines as we evolve our advertising suite. We work with the top brands & publishers across every vertical, bringing unparalleled service, quality creative, and flexible integrations to achieve results.

What is Undertone for Publisher?

Undertone creates digital advertising solutions for brands. It offers great video, high impact and ad formats that allow advertisers to engage customers in mobile and desktop environments.

These processes are served, designed and measured at scale on a small, hand-picked portfolio of the world’s best digital media properties. They believe in the combined power of people and technology.

Undertone simplifies the programmatic business, helps publishers follow the Coalition for Better Ads Guides, and delivers a high-quality CPM-friendly ad experience that gives publishers more choice about advertising general media information and density.

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