Sub4s was created by me, “Maximo”. I’m a web developer and a blogger.


I built the Sub4s network scanner after spending time searching for a good advertiser online, after checking random articles and finding the same content over and over again. So I decided to check some big blog sites and check what advertisers they are running.

Searching for an advertiser is hard, specially if you are new to blogging. We know the first we do is register to Google Adsense, but sometimes we think to find other advertisers to try. The best way to do it is to check with big companies what advertisers they are using, So I created free tools to check what they are using.


The site is written in PHP using the WordPress CMS. The scanner works is to checks the ads.txt or app-ads.txt and analyzes what websites listed there. We also manually check those websites and give some information about it.

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