Our story

We are a group of people who want to run a YouTube channel. But the problem we encounter is having a problem gaining subscriber and also views required to monetize our videos. So we try searching for an alternative solution to fixed this issue. and that is when we discover lots of groups in Facebook offering Subscription for subscription or sub4s.

But we discover lots of issue making sub4sub on Facebook. people unsubscribe your channel, difficult rules and lots of waste of time. So at that moment by using our skills. We started developing sub4s offering lots of feature base on our experience. We are not expert we are only a few beginners who have few skilled, enough to develop this web application.


Our goal is simple. TO HELP fellow YouTuber to monetize their channel.

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How to join sub4s?

  1. You need to register to app.sub4s.com using your YouTube account
  2. Complete the registration steps
  3. Subscribe at least 5 channels to activate your account
  4. Earn more points by subscribing channels on sub4s