We all know that reaching the requirements in YouTube monetization is a tough challenge for each new YouTuber. To get monetized on YouTube we need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time within 12 months. But how we could hit it?

Did you already lose the hope of your YouTube channel? Are you tired of joining such a group on Facebook and other social media platforms? You’ll post and comment, e.g. “Let’s VLS – View, Like and Subscribe. But some people are “cheater”, after you subscribe to their channel, in a few hours after, they’re going to unsubscribe you.

You’re the LUCKY one! You’ve found this page.

Here is the answer to your problem. You’ll be able to now promote your YouTube Channel for FREE!

We proudly present, sub4s!

What is sub4s?

Sub4s is sub4sub platform that helps you get permanent YouTube subscribers and promote your YouTube videos for free of charge. Also, give a fair subscription to everyone.

Are you excited now? If you can’t wait for more.

Join Sub4s now!

How to Join?

It’s very easy as 1-2-3!

*Connect your YouTube account/ register to https://app.sub4s.com

Step 1: Account Verification

Step 2: Complete the registration form

Step 3: Account Activation

And that’s it! After your account is activated, you can now start earning points!

How to earn points?

Earning points in sub4s is extremely easy. You’ll just click the sub4sub button and subscribe to other channels. You will earn 1 Point on every channel you subscribed to.


The higher the points you’ve got; the more subscriber you’ll get!


Save time

You’ll save more time by using https://app.sub4s.com because unlike sub4s on Facebook, you don’t need to wait for other YouTubers to send you a screenshot as a proof that they have been subscribed to your Channel.

Very Easy & Hassle-Free

It’s very easy and hassle-free to use, you no got to comment or post and message to any YouTuber. By using https://app.sub4s.com, you simply need to do is to click the “Get Subscribers” and earn points. The points you earn are going to be converted into subscribers.

Get Bonuses

You’ll be able to get more points by using your referral link.

Detect Unsubscribes

At the end of each month, https://app.sub4s.com will detect account who unsubscribes on your channel (only subscribers from https://app.sub4s.com )

Know your Subscribers

On the dashboard of https://app.sub4s.com , you’ll be able to view Channel who subscribed to your channel. So you can visit the Channels of your fellow YouTuber.

Avoid Harsh Talk

https://app.sub4s.com also avoid harsh talk, because there’s no conversation being made. Compare to sub4s on Facebook, we can’t avoid harsh talk on Facebook groups from the people you’ve socialized.

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Need Permanent YouTube Subscriber Join Sub4s Now!

Sub4s is a sub4sub platform that helps you get permanent YouTube subscribers and promote your YouTube videos for free!

Get 1000 Subscribers in no time!

How to join sub4s?

  1. You need to register to app.sub4s.com using your YouTube account
  2. Complete the registration steps
  3. Subscribe at least 5 channels to activate your account
  4. Earn more points by subscribing channels on sub4s