Can we really get 1000 subscribers in 12 months?

Every new YouTuber face the problem of hitting 1000 subscribers in 12 months

Especially if you don’t have content that can boost your subscriber. Because of this problem, most YouTuber find alternative ways to earn subscribers

Joining Subscriber for subscriber (sub4sub)

Sub4sub is when you ask for a subscription after you subscribed their channel

Most of the people do it on YouTube comments or in social media platform like FacebookTwitter, etc.,

Problem on sub4sub on social network

The main problem of doing it on social media is after you subscribed to their channel in a few days they will unsubscribe you.

You have no assurance and time-consuming finding permanent subscriber


Joining sub4s to boost your subscribers

By joining sub4s you can secure a permanent subscriber because of the platform will manage and monitor your subscribers

Yes! You heard it right we will manage your subscribers!

You can earn 1,000 subscribers in no time!

What is sub4s?

Sub4s is a sub4sub platform that helps you get permanent YouTube subscribers and promote your YouTube videos for free!

How to join sub4s?

  1. You need to register to using your YouTube account
  2. Complete the registration steps
  3. Subscribe at least 5 channels to activate your account
  4. Earn more points by subscribing channels on sub4s

That is all you need. Your points will be converted into subscribers. The more your points the more you can get your subscriber

Promote your Videos

We will also provide a feature for you to boost your watch time by promoting your videos. 

Other feature

We will allow all members to promote their channel and videos on our social media and other social media connection that we handle. All of this are free.

We will help all new YouTuber to earn subscribers as we experience the same problem before

So what are you waiting for? Register now!

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