Sub4s points system is one of the most important features on sub4s the system will calculate your points and if valid you will be recommended.

Subscriber and points

Your points will not be deducted even it is being used. The usage of points is for you to earn subscriber it means that when you have 2 subscribers we get it from your 2 points. But on your records, you will still see your total points

You will be recommended by the formula (Subscription <= points). So if your subscription is lower than your points your channel will always be included in the sub4sub recommendation. This is not applied to block accounts

How many points do I need to be recommended?

You only need 1 point to be recommended.

How to earn points?

The easy way to earn points is by subscribing channels using a sub4sub button.

You can also earn points by using the referral feature.


We will also create an even in the future that you might get extra points (This is still on our plan and not official)

Can we buy points?

No. The current system doesn’t support any payments

The plan

In the future, we might create events or give reward points to selected users (This is still on our plan list. This depends on the sub4s success)

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